Eugenia Post Meridiem Share phenomenal new album ‘like i need a tension’

Eclectic Italian quartet Eugenia Post Meridiem are ready to reveal their sophomore full-length record, the gloriously kaleidoscopic, dazzling celebration of sound like i need a tension is out now!

Placing its roots somewhere in the mystical universe of Hiatus Kaiyote, Christine and the Queens, PYJÆN and Tame Impala.  Eugenia Post Meridiem’s sound holds an intrinsic synergy, refreshingly intangible, allowing space for the listener’s own interpretation and understanding. 

Describing the lead single ‘crucial spring’, they share,

This song is clearly divided into two parts: the tension and the tendency towards fragmentation is evident here as well. These two parts are however internally highly compact and coherent. The whole song is built on the contrast of atmospheres and meanings they create, opposing and complementing each other. The first half is night, that rest and shelter, that sickness, that concealment, that closure, that great winter someone has longed for, like a great need and secret, a great promise made in her/his childhood. This darkness rests in a cocoon, but soon blows up right in the middle of the song, when a wide open door turns everything upside down. Clear, airy sounds can now take you on a liberating sprint into an unprecedented warmth, into a return of sight. This crucial sight brings into view only what makes us necessary to the world. Then we see the world that is necessary to us.”  

With technical structures, composition and developed time signatures just waiting to be unearthed, depicted and understood, Eugenia Post Meridiem offer a treasure trove for the adventurous and devoted musical palate yet still remain accessible and incredibly generous to all those who decide to listen.

Keep up with Eugenia Post Meridiem:

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