Birches bring the energy with brand new single ‘Be Unknown’

Rising like a phoenix from the smouldering ashes of their previous band ‘We Are The Trees’ in Summer 2018, BIRCHES have been steadily exploring and carefully cultivating their new sound in order to prepare for this coming era. Comprising of Liam Mcalinden (Guitar and Lead Vocals), Frankie McIlvanna (Lead Guitar), Jordie Kelly (Bass and Backing Vocals) and Delaney O’Neill (Drums), BIRCHES have firmly planted their roots and are ready for a new age, armed with an arsenal of tunes just waiting to be unleashed, it all begins with ‘Be Unknown’.

Describing their new single, they share,

“it feels like everything before was all a prequel and Everything to come is the beginning of chapter one of our story. ‘BE UNKNOWN’ story is of just getting up and doing it, whether that’s calling a loved one, starting a new project or even just getting out of bed in the morning. All those things can be tough for someone and we hope this song can give the inspiration to do so.” 

BIRCHES are fun, charismatic and incredibly likeable, embedding that infectious personality into every second of their music. A band untainted by the all too often doom and gloom outlook of the industry, BIRCHES have a refreshing energy and enthusiasm. There’s no doubt BIRCHES will not only have you shaking a leg with a smile on your face but they’ll also have you remembering exactly why you love music in the first place. 

You can check out ‘Be Unknown’ below:

BIRCHES: Instagram || Tik Tok || Twitter || Facebook

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