“The End Of True Romance” With ANTEES

British Electronic Rock band ANTEES have just dropped their debut single “The End Of True Romance”. The song kicks off with a fuzzed out synth line before giving way to a distorted bass and eventually a full on goth dance riff kicks in. This is a true throwback to early 90s goth rock of Nine Inch Nails, Meat Beat Manifesto and the entire Nothing Records roster. Sav’s vocals are more spoken word than singing and are just pissy and British enough to help push the song through. Overall, a strong first showing for ANTEES.

ANTEES is an Electronic Rock band from the Northwest, UK that is breeding a new form of modern Rock music with their unique mix of modern Electronica and anthemic Hard Rock. Freshly formed in 2021, ANTEES are on a mission to captivate the hearts and minds of music lovers; from the hardest of rockers to the most rampent ravers. ANTEES have recently signed with London’s REGENT STREET RECORDS, who released the bands debut single ‘The End Of True Romance’ on September 1st. With the end of the year booked up, ANTEES are heading for a massive assault on 2022, with tour plans and festivals already in the pipeline. Combining their love of Post-Punk, Garage, EDM and Alternative with their unique aesthetic and vibe. ANTEES are poised to make a splash in 2022 and beyond!

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