The Refrain Interview: I Met A Yeti

Orlando, Florida’s 5-piece progressive post-hardcore outfit I Met A Yeti, has made waves in the genre with their EP titled Camp Yeti, a 5 track venture into the concepts of identity, relationships, and internal conflict. IMAY has toured the US several times going as far as Sacramento California.

We got a chance to catch up with Daisy of IMAY as part of out Refrain Interview series:

Refrain Music Blog: Thanks for taking the time to do this interview. You have a new single out now. Tell us about it? What’s it called? 

Hey, thanks for having me (Daisy). Our new single is named “Opulence.” It’s the first song released off of our upcoming untitled EP.

RMB: What’s the single about? 

I based the lyrics off of a quote from a video essay by the YouTuber, Contrapoints. In her video “Shame” she says “It’s not that I’m ashamed of what I did, it’s not that I’m ashamed of how I feel, it’s that I’m ashamed of who and what I am.” The lyrics in Opulence personify this sensation of pure distilled shame and expand on that theme.

RMB: What’s the story on how it was recorded?

For this one, the process was pretty long, mainly because it was a bit spread out. We started writing the song while we were on tour in January of 2020. We ended up with some off days that we spent crammed into a motel room in Sacramento, CA. Our guitarist, Rickie, outlined the song in midi while we were there. It was kind of funny whenever we went out Rickie didn’t want to tag along because they were too preoccupied with this song. So, they spent a little too much time in that motel room.

About six months after that, we had enough songs to go to the studio, so we went to Killian studios to record with Matt Goings. He recorded our previous EP, Camp Yeti, and we love working with him. After we tracked instrumentals in June 2020, I began working on vocal writing. I wasn’t able to go to the studio and record vocals until January of 2021. I went to Kyle Hoffer for vocal tracking this time around.

After that, we sent the song to Pulses. to get their feature. When they sent it back, we read the lyrics “We next up, bring IMAY flowers” and were like, what the hell? Did they just make a pun out of our name? But then we heard it, and the part sounded perfect. The silly lyrics just made it feel like Pulses. and that’s what we wanted them on the song for.

RMB: Tell us a little about the band. Who are the members and what do you each play?

I’m Daisy, and I sing and sometimes write piano/keyboards for I Met a Yeti. We have two guitarists, Rickie and Tony. Rickie is more so our shredder, while Tony focuses a bit more on song structure and harmonic progression. Our rhythm section consists of Lui on bass guitar and our newest member, Devin, on drums.

RMB: How long have you been together? When and how did you form

We’ve been a band for a bit over half a decade. Our original guitarist, Freddie (now of Magnolia Park), founded the band while in high school alongside Lui (bass), Yaseen (Vocals), and Alex (original drummer). The four of them started the process, then brought me (Daisy) and Tony (guitar) in. The six of us really came together as we wrote and recorded our first EP, “I Can Still See You.”

RMB: Have you had any significant line up changes recently? What happened and how is everyone feeling about it?

Between releasing “I Can Still See You” in 2016 and “Camp Yeti” in 2019, we parted ways with Freddie and Yaseen and brought on Rickie (guitar). While touring in support of Camp Yeti, we parted ways with our friend Alex and brought on Devin (drums). Devin has since been an integral component in the development and growth of our songwriting and sound. He brings with him a fresh perspective on what I Met A Yeti is and how we are able to experiment with songwriting.

RMB: What’s the one thing you are most proud of in your career so far?

Of everything we have done as a band, our new single “Opulence” is sincerely the one thing I am most proud of. Even if we didn’t have any following to listen to it, this song would still be it. We put the most thought, passion, and vision into this single of all the songs we have released so far. The instrumental is uncompromising, and I poured over the vocal writing for tens of hours before considering it complete. This isn’t to dimmish the releases that came before it, but just to acknowledge that our process has grown because of them.

RMB: If you had to pitch your music to a potential fan in less than 10 seconds, what would you say?

Shreddy metal-pop.

RMB: What’s one piece of advice you’ve gotten that you think everyone needs to hear or that has meant the most to you?

A friend told me the only way my band would break out of being “just a local band” was by getting a van and making things happen. Things being touring, releasing music, and promoting that music.

RMB: If you could go back in time, what’s a piece of advice you would give to a younger you?

Do more vocal warm-ups daily haha.

RMB: What’s coming up next for your musical project?

We have a new EP in the final stages of writing and production. I can’t give a date just yet but be on the lookout for an announcement within the next couple of months.

RMB: Anything we haven’t thought of that you want to talk about? Now is the time!

Thank you for having me to talk about my band, I Met A Yeti. This year you all will be hearing more new music from us, and next year you can catch us on the road playing it live.

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