Sanjay Michael is ‘Rocking into Midnight’ with infectious new single

“Rock ‘n’ roll never left the party – it was just getting a drink at the bar!” 

Much like mainstay genres like metal and punk, Rock music is always alive in the hearts and minds of those who believe in its sacred lineage and power to inspire. Singapore Rock Singer Songwriter Sanjay Michael is one such artist, carrying the torch of rock n’ roll and finding new ways to express it’s unrelenting, joyous energy to new audiences. Sanjay’s fist-pumping signature sound revolves around electrified blues and rock influences.

Sanjay’s appropriately titled new single “Rocking Into Midnight” is a modern rock n’ roil tour de force, showcasing his love for the greats and passion for further evolving the beloved genre. Grooving with ample hooks and all heart, “Rocking Into Midnight” is a must-listen for rock music enthusiasts.

“I simply wanted a big, catchy song! The main riff came around as most of my songs do – from fooling around with my main songwriting guitar, a Yamaha acoustic that I keep handy in the living room… When I think I’m onto something sweet I just experiment around it until I get something I think will work. The solos were kept short and sweet here.

The lyrics are clearly a tribute to rock ‘n’ roll itself. The setting at midnight reminds me of when I first got my driver’s licence in Australia – I would hear out on a Saturday night with my friends in my mother’s yellow Ford Cortina, blasting out rock classics through the cassette player (not a very upmarket car!) with the windows down. We would of course stay out well past midnight!”

Listen to ‘Rocking into Midnight’ here:

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