Nicki Wells Unveils Emotionally Charged Single “Holy Smoke” as a Preview of Upcoming Album ‘Ellipsis’

UK-based singer, songwriter, and producer Nicki Wells continues to captivate audiences with her upcoming debut album, ‘Ellipsis’. Following the success of her previous singles, including ‘Carry On’, ‘You’re Alright Kid’, and ‘I Have Longed To Be Here’, Wells now presents ‘Holy Smoke’, a gorgeously sensitive and emotionally insightful track.

‘Holy Smoke’ features the tender sounds of Wells’ childhood piano, complemented by her folk-inflected vocals and soaring orchestral strings. The song delves into the process of grieving after loss, exploring the notion that death can bring a kind of grace and beauty in the act of letting go.

Produced by Nicki Wells herself, with mixing by Luke Potashnick, ‘Holy Smoke’ speaks directly to the heart of listeners, showcasing the songwriter’s ability to evoke intense emotions through her music. Wells’ unique sound, influenced by her experiences as a troubadour with global influences, traverses styles of chill, emotional, dreamy, orchestral, folk, singer-songwriter, and meditative.

The highly anticipated ‘Ellipsis’ LP is set for release on August 18, 2023, and is available for pre-listen. Wells’ talent has already garnered support from Songwriting Magazine, Notion, LOCK Magazine, Bandcamp Diaries, BBC 6Music’s Chris Hawkins, BBC Introducing, and more.

With a remarkable career that includes touring as a featured vocalist in Nitin Sawhney’s band and contributing her voice to notable films and documentaries, Wells has established herself as a versatile artist and composer. Her compositions have received critical acclaim, and she has collaborated with renowned figures in the dance and film industry.

Listeners can experience the enchanting world of Nicki Wells through her music, and ‘Holy Smoke’ serves as a captivating preview of what her debut album has in store.

Keep up with Nicki Wells: Website | Instagram | Facebook | Twitter | Spotify | Apple Music


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