Bold creative Tycho Jones shares new single “Risk To My Reward”

London-based artist Tycho Jones recently released “Risk To My Reward,” their first single in over a year. The track showcases a new sound that is less serene and more genuine, with instinctual frontman delivery and a confident mix of percussion, bass, and rock-tinged guitars.

Jones took a break from releasing music to focus on their mental health and to build a new band for their upcoming EP. The artist’s previous work, including their 2021 mixtape Tychonaut, has received critical acclaim for its portrayal of the anxiety and confusion of being young.

In “Risk To My Reward,” Jones explores the theme of taking risks to pursue dreams, relationships, and personal growth. The catchy lyrics and relatable message have earned the artist positive reviews from industry professionals.

Jones has also been working on developing their live show and building a band, showcasing their dedication to their craft and community of artists.

Keep Up With Tycho Jones:  TikTok || Instagram || Facebook || Twitter


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