Lorelei Marcell returns with Hardcastle to reveal acoustic rendition of ‘Flashbacks’

Written exactly one winter ago, rising pop darling Lorelei Marcell brilliantly captured one of her loneliest moments in an upbeat yet refreshingly nostalgic collaboration with fellow pop star Hardcastle. “Flashbacks” delivered a relatable sentiment and suitable synergy between the two artists whilst offering hints of angst-driven guitar behind mainstream pop melodies. Stemming from real life events, they return now to deliver a gorgeous new acoustic version of the track. Showcasing even deeper layers of emotion and songwriting throughout.

“Flashbacks” is an introspective piece fit for the winter months; capturing the frustration felt when you’re trapped inside your own thoughts of glorifying past memories, we are given a glimpse into the paralyzing post-breakup emotional turmoil that sparks the creative genius behind some of our favourite songs.

Listen to Flashbacks here:

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