Seethe Mixes Nu Metal Past With Trap Core Present On “Mute”

Pittsburgh, PA trap metal project Seethe has just released a new single, “Mute”. For those uninitiated, Seethe is the side project of 9 Stitch Method vocalist Patrick McElravy The track is released on DI Records, was written and performed by McElravy, and features production from Prod. Slaughter.

“Mute” opens with a low-end rumble with some metallic scrapes and clangs. These serve well to announce what type of song you are getting yourself into, and are almost hypnotizing as they slowly materialize and coalesce into a drum pattern. The drum pattern intensifies as a distant voice comes on, over a loudspeaker. All of this crescendos before devolving into a synth loop that sets the tone for the song. Suddenly, like shot out of a cannon, McElravy’s vocals arrive and are on us, a screaming menace.

Vocally, the track immediately reminds me of the very early, very great Marylin Manson. Like, Spooky Kids early. The vocals here have that vibe of a menacing scream, not a tough guy scream. The vocals really push this song into the late 90s realm of creamy rap metal such as Manson and Korn.

It’s the production that makes the track feel as modern and fresh as it does. The track is wonderfully sparse yet well thought out, with great production elements. Often it’s said about horror movies “Not seeing the monster is 10 times scarier than actually seeing it”, and this is true here. The instrumental is almost jazz-like in the way it’s about listening to what’s NOT there. No big distorted guitars, no crashing drum set, just the space where they COULD be. And of course, there is the one-measure beat switch that hits you like a bat upside the head before a refrain of “Despise” breaks your neck on the way back.

Born in 2020 amidst the Covid-19 pandemic, “Seethe” emerged from the mind of 9 Stitch Method vocalist and brainchild Patrick McElravy. With his emotionally charged vocals akin to the early 00’s Nu Metal movement and the distorted, electronic barrage of Trap Metal artists Ghostmane and Scarlxrd, Seethe sets out to pave his own path meshing sounds of the past and present musical soundscapes. Having opened up for acts such as King 810 and being featured in the publication “Nu Metal: The Definitive Guide” alongside Nu Metal giants Korn and Deftones, Seethe’s career has shown much promise despite its short existence. Having signed to DI Records in the Winter of 2022, Seethe released the dense and distorted Ep “Lucid Dream” and is now expanding his brash brand of Nu Metal into the New Year with “Mute”.

“Mute” was mixed and mastered by Gus Wallner of You Think Music and is now playing across all streaming platforms. . If you yearn for the intense Nu Metal of the late 90s, or are into the modern trap metal scene, you will love Seethe’s “Mute” and cannot miss it! Check it out on Spotify above, or watch it on YouTube below.  

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