7274’s Release Music Video For “Raygun”

7274’s has released their new album Damn The Lights, a five song collection of alternative rock the band has dubbed “Junk Rock”.  “Many of main tracks were literally recorded first takes of the ‘creative’ process,” explains Shane Arden (vocal, guitar). “We like to use it all – instruments, loop, sounds, voices, ambiance – mix it all together and boom – JUNK ROCK.” The project is all about stream of conscious creation and seeing what would happen when the band let the tape roll.

One of the singles to come out of Damn The Lights, is “Raygun“, a burst of rock n roll energy that harkens back to early Nirvana. Lyrically the track deals with gun violence, particularly school shootings. “The song was written during a time period when it seemed there was a school shooting every week,” explains Arden, “For the first time the enemy was not a “them”. but one of us. I saw how we like to point out who our enemy is, and it is never us. It’s THEM. This song is saying “I feel your pain and I too have wanted to seek ‘revenge’ on those who have hurt me” ; however, walking in here with a gun and shooting people will not change us for the good – it only makes us more fearful.

The band has also released a video for the new single. Which you can wath below!

7274’s – Named after a popular anxiety medication, this band is anything but chill. They are loud and soft, heavy and mellow, aggressive and insightful, but none the less always fun! Their self-described ‘junk rock’ sound is based on their tendency to blend & mix various styles, sounds, and vibes together to make something totally new with every creation. 

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