Refrain Interview: Atwood

Hailing from the fertile rock breeding ground of Milan, Italy, Atwood introduced themselves to the local scene with the release of their first single – Black Mirror, which was just the beginning of a storyline. Their debut EP, “at odds”, delivered in November 2018, has been defined as “a seamless blend of pop, alternative rock, synth and electronics and some post-hardcore influences flowing into one melting pot of sound, enriched by alluring vocals”.

The band immediately started working up a strong following in Milan’s pop-punk, alternative scene, playing shows with icons such as Eyes Set to Kill and Lost. After winning Kleisma’s “Nuove prospettive” contest, Atwood got the chance to play at 1MNext final, and later went on to play Drink’em All Festival.

Atwood has released the singles “Dance In The Sun”, “Ghost”, “Out of the Blue”, and “So Bad” over the past year. The band were selected as MTV New Generation Artist of the Month for July, and “So Bad” is currently being played on MTV Italia. 

Atwood has released their new single, “Parallel Lines”. Produced by Francesco “Katoo” Catitti, “Parallel Lines” is a radio ready modern rock single that effortlessly blends pop production and energetic rock hooks, all perfectly mixed under powerful yet vulnerable vocals.

We got to talk to Atwood as part of our Refrain Interview Series. Check it out!

Refrain Music Blog: Thanks for taking the time to do this interview. You have a new single out now. Tell us about it? What’s it called? 

The new single is called “Parallel Lines” and we released it on July 16. “Parallel Lines” is the title track for our upcoming EP, to be released on July 26.

RMB: What’s the single about? 

If you’ve ever fought against your own body, and if you’ve ever felt like you just don’t belong with it –Parallel Lines for you.

Often times, mind and body walk at two different paces, they fight an endless fight without ever finding peace. There is no use talking it through – but even when every single bone hurts, and when every hope seems to be lost, you can try and find the strength to say goodbye, to find balance. It may not work, but it will be worth a shot.

RMB: What’s the story on how it was recorded?

We’re very proud of “Parallel Lines” and how it came out. It was no easy process though! We started off with an idea and ended up with something completely different, but that’s just who we are though – we always analyze and dissect every single detail until we reach the perfect balance between all elements.

The help of our producer Katoo was crucial because he gave us great insight and managed to bring out the track’s full potential – we love working with him because he’s super skilled and understands our ideas perfectly. A little terrible thing that happened while working on Parallel Lines: our computer broke down and its whole memory got erased. We then needed to write it back from scratch and it was mental – try recovering that synth you used 3 months ago for a total of 4 bars!

RMB: Is it part of a larger album?

It is indeed! Parallel Lines is the title track for our upcoming EP, out on July 26. Parallel Lines is the keystone to this EP, which explores both helplessness and darkness against escape and light. It’s the balance between pain and relief, and this reflects in the overall mood of the song. Parallel Lines merges alt rock with pop, electronic elements and our post hardcore roots. We released a few singles off it, but there will be something new.

RMB: How does this release differ from your previous work?

Our previous work “at odds” was a lot more post hardcore and aggressive, but we evolved that into a more alt rock, pop rock style without losing the energy we started this projects with.

RMB: Tell us a little about the band. Who are the members and what do you each play?

The band is Alice (vocals) and Daniele (guitar) – we have a session drummer who’s also a great friend.

RMB: If you had to pitch your music to a potential fan in less than 10 seconds, what would you say?

We’d ask them if they’d be curious to listen to the love child of BMTH, Pvris and Paramore.

RMB: What’s one piece of advice you’ve gotten that you think everyone needs to hear or that has meant the most to you?

We know it’s basic, but we were told never to give up! It might seem obvious, but there are times where you just question everything, and knowing that someone else believes in you is just so important.

RMB: If you could go back in time, what’s a piece of advice you would give to a younger you?

We’d probably tell ourselves to rush through the whole thing even further – because we know we could make it. Being in a band is a true commitment and everything that can be done to make it progress should be done.

RMB: What’s coming up next for your musical project?

Apart from the new EP, we are planning a live studio session and, if the pandemic allows us, we want to tour Italy and then Europe. Obviously if the chance comes up, we’ll play anywhere.



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