Skilled Jazz composer Jenny Hallahan releases distinctive EP ‘This LIfe’

Having studied Music at The Waterford Intitute Of Technology and Jazz Performance at The New Park Music Centre, Jenny Hallahan wields a double edged sword. She’s studied under hot jazz names such as Ronan Guilfoyle and Eric Sweeney and draws heavy influences from Alfa Mist and Pino Palladino, which gives Jenny a fantastic style and sound. Having already worked with a host of Irish professional acts such as Propeller Palms, Mystic Tears, Talking Waves, and Doretha Konchevska, she’s put together a band of her own. This quartet of quintessential talents consist of Jenny Hallahan on bass, Owen O’Neill on baritone saxophone, Dylan Lynch on the drums, and Luke Dunford on piano and keys. The new EP has been written by Jenny Hallahan and recorded remotely due to pandemic restrictions. Once it was mastered by Stephen Ceresia of Stonyfield Mastering in Austin, Texas, the music surely had everything needed to be a real showstopper. 

The music grabs you in unusual ways. Subtle tones mould through shapes laid out by drum-scores that shift and adapt over the progressing bars. The bass carries an earthy substance that roots an array of playful and descriptive melodies to the foundational drumming. Each track visits new sensations and avenues of the form that splice jazz and blues together in a cinematic flow of drama and intrigue. Throwing this record on will keep the room warm and fill the gaps while never overpowering the seasoning in the atmosphere. Quality and class work together in imagination and reality to flow and form with meandering meaningfulness and conjurations of sound. The five distinct numbers on the EP take us to new places with the same characters, albeit changed somehow as the impetus defines. Never a boring moment, and never intrusive, a perfectly blended production lifts us and settles the air. 

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