Life Right Now Asks “What’s LOV3?” With Pop-Tinged Hardcore Banger

Post-hardcore/pop crossovers Life Right Now are coming in hot, following-up on the Billboard-charting success of their previous album and a successful tour with Crown The Empire and Attila. They return with their first new single of 2021, “What’s LOV3?.” The track seamlessly blends pop sensibilities with brutal riffs and guttural screams.

Lyrically, the single deals with deteriorating relationships brought on by the pandemic. “This track is about the crazy effects Covid can have on a relationship and the mind bending thoughts that go along with it,” explains vocalist Zachary Scott, before cryptically adding, “Is it about him or is it about her? Or about all three? What’s LOV3?

Life Right Now also dropped a music video for “What’s LOV3?,” capturing the members performing in downtown Flint. “It was refreshing to get all the crew together during such difficult times. Definitely added a little more energy and excitement,” says Scott.

Life Right Now released their debut album Avant Garde in 2019, followed by a metalcore cover of Drake’s “Toosie Slide” in 2020.

Listen to “What’s Love3” now on Spotify.

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