“Reflection” proves Kestine’s undeniable skill at speaking from a life lived to the absolute fullest.

Kestine weaves all their soul into the very fabric of “Reflection”. With small interludes brought into the sound for variation, the songs speak straight truths. The journey that unfurls throughout the EP has a grandeur to it, something that feels quite wonderful. Stylistically he brings a multitude of genres in to further flesh out the approach ranging from R&B, pop, jazz, and more into a singular unified whole. Every track plays off the last resulting in something that feels fantastic, even life-affirming at times. Rhythms take their take for there is a lushness to the atmosphere, one that gives the songs a teeming breathing quality. 

Everything starts up in earnest with the powerful “Unity”. Noir at its absolute best, the saxophone and the glistening keyboards work in unison to set the scene. Vocals swim through it all in a way that seems as if it was being transmitted from so far away. The hip-hop beats have a beauty to them, nicely working to make the track the centerpiece of the EP. Nimble beats fold and unfold on the hypnotic “Preach” as there’s a defiance that helps to tie the rest of the piece together. With the right degree of reflection comes the contemplative spirit of “Melanie” which is sung with so much love, from the spacious saxophone to the swirling lyricism. Going for just the right bit of faith is the spirited tact of “Dear Diary” bringing the EP to a close. 

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/kestine_ugbodu7/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/KestineUgbodu

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/KeSTinemusic/


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