Florida Hard Rockers SOULSWITCH Release New Video

Orlando hard rock heavyweights SOULSWITCH are back to kick off 2021 with new single “Until The End“. The tightly crafted, radio ready hard rock banger launches with a instantly attention grabbing chorus of “Whoa’s” before dropping into the subdued verse. The melodic vocal line of the verse quickly gives way to pained screams before hitting the singalong ready hook.

While sounding like your typical breakup song, there is more under the surface with “Until The End”. “When you first listen to “Until The End”, you may walk away thinking that you have just listened to another song about two people in a broken relationship.” explains the band, “Though it is about a relationship, it is not about one you might think of first. “Until The End” is about the relationship between the subconscious and the conscious. The song is about how the subconscious is trying to change the choices of the conscious, but is getting muted in the process.”

“Until The End” is the third single SoulSwitch has released in a planned series of four. The first two singles, “Take Me Under” (May 2020) and “Everything I Am” (August 2020)  are also about internal struggles. “Writing songs that target our own internal struggles has been the focus and drive of these recent singles,” says the band, “You will have to wait for the fourth song later this year to get the full scope of our creative focus.”

Coinciding with the single’s release, SoulSwitch has released a music video for the track. “The video was filmed at the FIRST Institute in Orlando to help the students with a project. We thought it was a great idea to help them and use the video as a way to thank them while they we learning the process.” says the band.You can watch the video below:

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