Blair West shares heavenly new single ‘Nostalgia’

Often described as a mix between Joni Mitchell, Jewel and Taylor Swift, Blair West’s sound is a glorious concoction of folk-pop with soul and indie influences threaded throughout. With her creativity coming from her tongue-in-cheek sense of humour, New Yorker grit, and Scorpio sensitivity (if you know you know!) she has been writing music since the tender age of five. With a keen knowledge and background in Piano, Guitar, Musical Theatre, she was also the president of her college a-cappella group. 

Now, the wondrous, whimsical world of New York based, singer songwriter and multi instrumentalist Blair West has reopened its heavenly gates yet again and Blair is there waiting to welcome new listeners into her delightfully charming, wistful realm once more.

This gorgeously saccharine new offering follows on from the success of sophomore single ‘rabbit holes’ and her debut ‘All This To Say’ which has amassed almost 60,000 streams to date.

Glowing and glistening in a dewy-like energy, Blair’s songwriting continues to captivate and encapsulate her listeners. Prepare to be utterly enveloped in this transcendent track and let the ‘Nostalgia’ seep into your soul. 


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