Litvar’s new single “Alone (Not Lonely)” showcases their sarcastic yet relatable indie-rock sound

Litvar’s latest single, “Alone (Not Lonely)”, is a sarcastic love song that brings together indie-pop and alt-rock in a unique blend that has quickly garnered the band a growing audience of sincere fans. The trio, Rex Thurstan, Violet Falkowski, and Joe Lemieux, who hail from the unassuming town of Willimantic, Connecticut, have become known for their genre-blending sound, which is a reflection of their experiences growing up in a small town and their battle against the status quo.

“Alone (Not Lonely)” is a follow-up to their 2022 release, “You Should Find A New Boyfriend”, and is one of the songs that the band enjoyed playing live. The track is peppered with self-aware lyrics that speak to the struggles of enduring chronic pessimism and trying to be sad in a cool way. The band recorded the bass, acoustic guitar, and drums live together in the former studio of Elliot Smith to give the recording the same feel that they put into their live performance.

Litvar’s sophomore album, Eloquently Aimless, which is due for release in September 2023. The album, which will be produced by Charles Newman (The Magnetic Fields, The Bones of J.R. Jones), will showcase Litvar’s unique sound and highlight the band’s evolution since their debut album, The Greatest Movie of All Time, which caught the attention of LA-based indie label Mother West in 2020.

Litvar’s chemistry as a trio is evident in their live performances, which have earned them a loyal online following and led to extensive touring across the United States. Their upcoming album is highly anticipated by fans who are excited to hear the band’s next evolution in their sound.

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