Sam Himself unveils electrifying LP, Never Let Me Go

Our favourite ‘King of Tears’ is back to subtly pull at our heartstrings with a whole new album! ‘Never Let Me Go’ by Sam Himself is the beginning after the end, hope after fear, excitement after stagnancy. While the tones of this sophomore project are delightfully familiar, listeners can taste an entirely new Sam. ‘Never Let Me Go’ expands on new horizons which had been briefly touched upon in his critically acclaimed 2021 record ‘Power Ballads’. We’ve never been more ready for such an adventure!

The LP opens with ‘Strangelove’ which obviously taps into the theme of love, pondering on its peculiar yet stirring dynamics. ‘Baby’s Eyes’ uncovers the certainty of love instead, ‘Mr. Rocknroll’ then mocks conventions, the focus track ‘Heartland’ brings tranquillity to the table, and ‘Never Let Me Go’ shines the light at the end of the tunnel. Each track is an organ to this wonderful body of work. 

Completely alive, the LP is a sonic masterpiece, with an extravagant cohesiveness, mainly brought by the tone of Sam’s vocals, which is amalgamated with the music seamlessly throughout. The Springsteen energy flows throughout and the Bowie-like aura is electrifying.

We’ve got two words to say to Sam Himself as he leaves us speechless: Well. Done.

Keep Up With Sam Himself: Instagram || Facebook || YouTube


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