Nicki Wells’ “I Have Longed To Be Here” simmers with curative power

Singer, songwriter and composer Nicki Wells followed her 1st class honors degree in Music touring as a featured vocalist in Nitin Sawhney’s band. She has performed in some of the world’s most prestigious venues from London’s Royal Albert Hall and Sydney Opera House to Glastonbury’s main Pyramid Stage. Her voice has contributed to a number of films including Andy Serkis’s Mowgli, Deepa Mehta’s Midnight’s Children, Renny Harlin’s The Legend of Hercules and was a major part of the scores of BBC Documentaries such as The Human Planet series. Her first solo album Ocean was released in 2018 under the pseudonym TURYA.

During the pandemic, Nicki created a multitude of new material, including her much anticipated first solo studio album Ellipsis LP set for release in 2023. Follow the release of last year’s album single “Carry On”, the British musician releases another preview to the record, “I Have Longed To Be Here”.

This single is a charming organic imprint that’ll blow any listener off their feet. And don’t even get us started on the music video – a breathtaking show of a dramatic mountainside, perfectly paired with the artist expressing raw emotion. Weaved through a poetic arrangement of orchestral strings and delicate embellishments, Nicki Wells’ voice sounds like the wind, with perfect control over her natural-born instrument. It is exciting to witness a piece of work that values music for its curative powers. “I Have Longed To Be Here” is sure to inspire healing and growth. 

If “I Have Longed To Be Here” is just a glimpse of what Nicki Wells has up her sleeve, we cannot even begin to fathom what she’s capable of.

Keep Up With Nicki Wells: Website || Instagram || Facebook || Twitter


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