Alternative Rock act Grimm Winter explores a transformative world with new single “The Narrows”

FFO: Death Cab for Cutie, The Killers, Sunny Day Real EstateToday, Alternative Rock act “Grimm Winter” is set to drop their latest single “The Narrows” off their upcoming EP, Sojourn, out February 17, 2023.
“’The Narrows’ is an exploration of anxiety and its interplay between the mind, the body, and world we live in. How feelings of anxiety or panic attacks trigger an instinctive response in your body, flooding it with chemicals and survival mechanisms as it tries to survive against an unseen, looming danger. In this song, the world transforms into a place called ‘The Narrows’, a place of looming trees and treacherous cliff sides, where the only way out is through.” – Grimm Winter
Founded in DC, Grimm Winter is a symphonic blend of indie, alt-rock, and emo music. With a strong emphasis on storytelling & modern day mythologies, evocative metaphor & melodies, the 5 piece band weaves together stories and songs that blur the line between literal and fantastical. 
Inspired by the Brothers Grimm, a pair of German academics famous for compiling and publishing folktales, Grimm Winter started as a way of exploring and expressing art through myths. Grimm Winter can be a season, a space, an idea, or anything that explores humanity and what ideas resonate with us across time. 
The band consists of Clay Underwood on vocals,  Kevin Rogers on drums, Caeden Cloud on bass, Andrew Wink on guitar, and Casey Paul on guitar/vocals.

Stream “The Narrows” here


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