Prince Woods Turns Dreams Into Reality On “Butterfly”

Demonstrating his eclectic music style, Prince Woods has just dropped his newest single release “Butterfly.” Inspired by the notion of turning dreams into reality and enjoying the journey that comes with being a producer, the artist proudly showcases a track that will shed light on his musical roots, creative abilities, and artistic versatility. 

About the single, Prince Woods said “After taking some time off to re-center and find inspiration, I couldn’t be happier to release “Butterfly.” It’s not your typical electronic music track but I wanted to create something that really spoke to who I am as an artist.”

“Butterfly” is a prime example of pop meets electronic. Channeling a borderline retro vibe, Prince Woods’ newest single combines an upbeat melody and soft vocals from himself. The track is reminiscent of artists like Hellogoodbye, Owl City, or Metro Station. Sifting through the artist’s Soundcloud and Spotify pages, listeners can find a multitude of songs that exemplify the artist’s skillset. Prince Woods attracts 75,000+  monthly listeners on his streaming platforms, and the numbers only continue to grow. Being the first single released by the artist in almost a year, “Butterfly” is a comeback song that solidifies Prince Woods as an artist who is determined to show the world what he’s about. 

Connect With Prince Woods:

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