Refrain Spotify Takeover: College Radio

Every now and then, we like to know what music drives the artists we love here at Refrain.Musi.Blog. With that in mind, we’ve asked Project Vela to take over our Spotify Playlist and curate it with their favorite tunes.

First, let’s start off with a little about College Radio. Seattle’s premier pop-punk act blends classic 90’s punk with modern pop and indie sensibilities to create something simultaneously familiar, but also fresh and original. They’ve graced stages up and down the west coast with their wild stage shows and soaring harmonies, and with the release of their Album Nothing Ever Changes It Only Gets Worse, 2022 is looking to be their biggest year yet.

So before we let the boys have their way with our playlist, we decided to put their latest single, “I’m Sorry” at the top spot. Check out the playlist below and read all about the band’s favorite songs. (And maybe give our playlist a follow if you wanna…I don’t know.)

Evans songs:

1. Lamb & Lion by The Mae Shi 

“Lamb & Lion has this manic, violent, old-world view of Christianity that I find really compelling. I also like the yelling.”

2. The Last Polka by Ben Folds Five

“I use The Last Polka as a vocal warmup for almost every show we play. It’s fast, it’s slow, it’s loud, it’s quiet, it’s sad, it’s mad; it’s got everything.”

Melvins songs:


3. Quitting by Carpool

“I found this one recently and it has a lot of what I look for in a song: killer group vocals, playful instrumentation to mask some pretty heavy lyrics. And it’s pretty good chaos at the end!”

4. Pleased to Meet You by Between You and Me

“This song is my recent hype up song for most of our shows last tour. It’s got a message that makes me feel like there’s no time like the present to do anything you want. A solid intro song to a new classic”

Gordon’s songs:

5. Hexie Mountains by Orvill Peck 

“This song really hit hard during a rough patch in 2022. Never really gave his music a chance until the pandemic. Despise pop country but his mix of older with flash and that voice like Roy Orbison is to die for”

6. Dead inside by blackbear 

“Great mix of what’s going on musically with the pop punk, hip hop world. This song and album really hit me more than most lately and I can say I enjoy the MGK track ahahaha”

Mikes songs:

7. Don’t let the light go out by Panic At The Disco

“Nostalgic feel like one of my favorite all time rock bands mid electric lights, orchestra but an instant classic”

8. Stay Away by 156/silence

 “When I’m in the mood for melodic hardcore with some ambiance”

9. Autopilot by Action/ Adventure

“The song vibes, mixing all kinds of punk and pop punk. This band has flair and kicks ass!!!”

10. Psycho by Taylor Acorn

“This song is a whirlwind of catchy vibes, and not to mention the instruments are awesome”

Connect With College Radio:

LinkTree / Bandcamp / Hypefollow


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