June Releases Shimmering “Replace Me”

Rising star June drops stunning new pop single “Replace Me,” led by luscious melodies and her honeyed yet bold vocals weaving a coming-of-age anthem looking back at childhood friendships.

Beautifully balancing sadness and melancholia with a joyous vibe, the ethereal track unveils the smooth and vibrant voice that forms the heart of her trademark late 80s pop sound. Stitching nostalgia and self-reflection together in a deeply heartfelt delivery that’s teeming with honesty, June’s latest offering transports back to fleeting friendships of our growing-up years, tinged equally with emotion and elation.

Speaking of the creation of the track, she said, “ “Replace Me” started with the chorus and we built around it. The creation of “Replace Me” felt right instantly because I made it a point to be vulnerable and open when it came to my songwriting. The collaboration with Lab Ox tied together this track!” 

“Replace Me” is currently streaming across all DSPs. Listen to it on Spotify below.

Coming from a family of musicians, Jaime Webster’s career in music could have easily been swayed by pressure to uphold her family’s legacy or the allure of stardom, but under the musical moniker of June has constantly worked to build up her own space in music, hinged on emotional connections and infectious melodies that urge to forget your troubles. 

Connect With June:
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