Nicki Wells releases the song of dreams “Carry On”

Our dreams came true! We have found music that sits at the crossroads of Hans Zimmer’s magic and Enya’s power: Nicki Wells is a force of nature with her ethereal single “Carry On”. Representing the soothing dynamic of nature’s flow, this track is a gentle touch, a snug embrace. 

Embellished with the most endearing vocals, “Carry On” is an ode to individuality and fearlessness. Written as an encouragement to put your well being first, this track represents healing and personifies it with a mellow yet cinematic sound palette. 

Oozing in class, “Carry On” is a spectacle of warm textures and alluring patterns weaving together into a majestic system of passion and emotion. With its swoon-worthy chord progression, the track mimics the rise of the sun. Slowly soaring above the horizon and finally showing off its full light in the middle-eight, it exposes all of the elements melting into one another seamlessly. 

Stepping in with great importance, “Carry On” sets Nicki Wells’ upcoming album to be a true musical gift of hope and feeling. 

Stay connected with Nicki Wells: Website || Instagram || Facebook || Twitter || Spotify || Apple Music


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