Listen to common goldfish’s new psychedelia and Britpop single “I Don’t Feel Today”

Tapping at the crossroads of psychedelia and Britpop, “I Don’t Feel Today” by common goldfish is our new favourite tune from the top-tier Tottenham producer. This track is a social movement, a manifestation – it is important. The colourful number gives a time and space to learn and reflect on our current lives and how certain advancements have hindered human connection. 

In “I Don’t Feel Today”, common goldfish praises the unity that comes from community and touches on the absence of it. A lot of us get caught in the tunnel-vision journey towards self-actualization and forget the value of being backed up by others around us. While the track is a social critique, it permeates a sense of excitement for improvement. This tune is giving us the charge to make an effort to get off our phones and connect. What are you waiting for?

“We are living more and more on top of each other but for some reason we’re becoming increasingly isolated from one another. The rise of independence and individualism has been at the expense of community and a sense of belonging. With the pace of life getting faster and faster, we’re spending more and more time in front of screens on a never-ending quest for instant gratification. I do worry that we’re losing our sense of reality and what matters most – human interaction and connection. Without wanting to bring too much of a downer, I think it’s important to highlight so we can do more about it. I think the rise of the festival scene in recent years has been a great antidote for example – Bringing people together and spreading joy and positivity. I think it’s really important for society. I felt the song’s theme just seemed to compliment the song’s driving breakbeat and gritty base line. There’s a couple of release points in the track, when the stab synth comes in, which gives the sense of being pushed to breaking point with something that’s been bottled up for so long.”

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