BellaDaPrima Drops Anthemic Single ‘Alone In The Night’

Canadian musician BellaDaPrima delivers a fusion of R&B, pop, and hip-hop on her latest single “Alone In The Night,” an uber catchy production led by booming beats and anthemic soundscape. 

With smooth rap verses seamlessly blending into an infectious chorus rooted in her bold vocals, the track drew inspiration from insomnia and sleep codependency. As someone who struggled to fall asleep if she didn’t have anyone in the next room or in the same house, “Alone In The Night,” is centered around her personal experience yet is sure to strike a chord with anyone affected by touches of loneliness. 

Speaking of the message and inspiration behind the track, she says, “Not everyone is that lucky to have a house full of people, for the kids who grew up alone, this one for you.

Listen to the track on Spotify now or watch on YouTube below.

Courtney Green as BellaDaPrima has nurtured a genre-hopping sound spanning themes of personal change, addiction, healing, forgiveness, and resilience. But years before she shaped her inspirational artistry, Green was a toddler in love with music, putting on shows for her family.

From a music-loving child to a dedicated vocalist, musician, lyricist, and producer, Ontario-native BellaDaPrima has come a long way and with this latest track she takes a further step into experimenting with genre and production, ready to deliver more dance-worthy productions that push her creative limits.

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