Rapture EP is another example of Ian Janco’s high-level songwriting

“This is a body of work I composed at the lowest point in my life, and the lowest point in many of our lives.”

As far as strong premises go, this one’s up there. 

It isn’t unusual for singer-songwriter Ian Janco to produce emotionally intricate and riveting music. His newest EP, Rapture, is no exception. The London based Idahoan presents a six-track project delineating a process of healing in response to hindering life events. 

“In the thick of the Covid pandemic, I was broke and stuck in London, across the ocean from my family. My career was in standstill and I was questioning if I had any path forward in music. My relationship and my parents’ marriage ended at the same time.” 

Following these tumultuous conditions, Janco curated an impeccable story: he invites us into his world with “Intro (Birdsong)”, slowly easing us in with gentle bird tweets and smooth strings. First single “Something New” steals our hearts with tender vocal arrangements and melodies which take off and intertwine with endearing and warm string patterns. Janco doesn’t miss a beat, because “Long Way Down” also has us tearing up from the overwhelming dichotomy between hope and sorrow. Second single “Castaway” exemplifies Janco’s artistry in all its variety. With a strong and gently gritty vocal he pours his heart out to express anguish for all he’s lost. 

“I was struggling with physical and mental health issues alone in a dark flat in London, but towards the end of 2020 I was lucky to be offered a friend’s seaside flat in Brighton for a short escape. I wrote and recorded the tracks for what eventually became the foundation of the Rapture EP.”

The flow in fact takes a turn with “A Brighter Day”, which illuminates the horizon. The sound of the ocean, the seagulls, and breezy vocals catapult us straight to that Brighton beachfront house, on the porch, beside Ian strumming his guitar. Who wouldn’t want to sit down with him while he ventures into the final track “Rapture”? The birds chirping in the background produce a cyclic effect, reconnecting to the first track to indicate the natural flow of healing, of life and its ups and downs. 

The goosebumps as I type this speak for themselves.

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