The Refrain Interview: Antigone

Decibel-crushing quintet Antigone take cues from modern metal-core, alternative rock, crunchy thrash, and grunge-infused metal to create a truly unique blend of heavy sound. Antigone has released their new album, So Much For Gravity. The album is a 4 song ep written by Antigone and produced and engineered by Edward Hinson and Garrett Barefoot (Blackplate Productions).  The first single, the hard rocking track “Sink or Swim”, is a thru and thru metal rocker with thrashing verses, alt-rock choruses and a brutal deathcore breakdown.

We had a chance to speak with Dave of Antigone about everything going on with the band right now as part of our Refrain Interview Series.

Refrain Music Blog: Thanks for taking the time to do this interview. You have a new single out now. Tell us about it? What’s it called? 

Dave:  Our latest single, “Sink Or Swim” has hard hitting and driving riffs married with hardcore versus and a chorus that you can really feel the sincerity of lyrics. 

RMB: What’s the single about? 

Dave:  It’s a fight song in a sense.  Pushing forward against adversity, not giving up no matter how hard life can be at times, and coming out the other side with your head up.  We feel that each listener will find aspects of the song that is relatable to their own struggles and hardships.  It’s our goal to find that connection with the listener and that they realize they are not alone.  The music video that accompanies the song, which is also available on YouTube and several other platforms, is a story concept of being stuck in a loop, that is inescapable.  The video was filmed and directed by Jaiden Frost, JFP Studios. 

RMB: What’s the story on how it was recorded? The Who, When, Where etc. Was it a long process or quick? Any good stories about the recording process? 

Dave:  “Sink Or Swim” was recorded in 2020 with the help of Edward Hinson, who handled the mixing, engineering, and co-produced this song along with the other songs for the EP.  Garrett Barefoot at Blackplate Productions tracked all of the drum tracks for us and Edward handled the guitars and vocals.  Everything was recorded locally in the Raleigh NC area.  Tracking everything was pretty straight forward but we did end up taking our time working with Edward on the mix and edits.  Overall the whole EP was stretched out over a 3 or 4 month period before it was sent out for mastering.  Working with the same crew previously for our first single “Burn The Memory” built the relationships and trust so we felt very comfortable going back to record the rest of the songs.  We can’t say enough for how great of a job these guys did helping us create a top shelf recording.  

RMB: Is it part of a larger album? If so, tell us about that. 

Dave:  “Sink Or Swim” is part of the 5 song EP “So Much For Gravity”

RMB: When is that album out?

Dave:  The EP “So Much For Gravity” is available now on all streaming services, YouTube, and at

RMB: How many songs on the album?

Dave:  The EP consist of 5 songs, 4 of them also have videos on YouTube.  “Burn The Memory”, “Swimming To Saturn”, “Ignite”, “Sink Or Swim” and “End Of Days”

RMB: Is this your first album?

Dave:  This is the first album release for Antigone.

RMB: Tell us a little about the band. Who are the members and what do you each play?

Dave:  Antigone is fronted by vocalist Kris Foell.  Guitar duty is shared with Carsten Fuchs and myself, Dave Noffsinger.  On Bass we have Tommy Quillen and Lars Lanzetta on Drums.

RMB: How long have you been together? When and how did you form? 

Dave:  The band was founded by Tom and myself.  Tom and I have played in bands together and have been friends for 20 years now.  In 2018 Tommy and I began to make full fledged efforts and had gone through a number musicians before things really started to shape into what has now become Antigone.  Carsten was the first one in of the rest of the band.  There was something that just clicked when he showed up and we felt like we finally found someone who shared the vision of what we were trying to do.  Next in was Lars.  At the time Lars came to try out we had just gone through several drummers who for one reason or another just didn’t work out.  Lars brought in a commitment and dedication that was perfect for what we were looking for as well as a personal connection that was needed.  We had two vocalist we worked with before we found Kris, the final component that solidified the band.  Kris was the guy who had the chops and sound we were searching for but was also able to connect with all of us both musically and as a friend. 

RMB: What’s the one thing you are most proud of in your career so far?

Dave:  Personally, I feel that out of all the songs, bands, and accomplishments I have made over the years, recording the song “Swimming To Saturn” for the EP is the most important and meaningful thing I’ve done.  The song is about Kris’s daughter who had passed away at a very early age.  When we were playing around with the riffs for the song none of us really knew the turn it would take once Kris opened his heart and began trying out his vocal melodies and lyrics for the song.  When we realized what he was singing about the song became important for all of us to help Kris share his emotions relating to such a tragic event.  Everyone in the band stepped up and put extra effort into all of the details of the song in hopes that we could do it justice.  Even if no one ever listened to the song besides us we all felt it deserved everything we could give it. 

RMB: If you had to pitch your music to a potential fan in less than 10 seconds, what would you say?

Dave:  Our music pulls from a multitude of influences and we take pride that every song doesn’t sound just like the previous one.  It’s metal, some trash, heavy, and progressive. 

RMB: What’s one piece of advice you’ve gotten that you think everyone needs to hear or that has meant the most to you?

Dave:  If you boil things down to the bare bones there are 2 types of people in this world.  Jerks and everyone else.  Don’t be a jerk.

RMB: If you could go back in time, what’s a piece of advice you would give to a younger you?

Dave:  LOL, hindsight is a deep rabbit hole really.  Don’t take those you love and are close to for granted.

RMB: What’s coming up next for Anitgone?

Dave:  We are currently working on new music and have several songs that are ready for the studio.  Once we have a couple more that are good to go we will plan to put out another EP, hopefully for 2022.  Additionally, we will be hosting our 4th annual charity event, September 18th, 2021.  Each year we help a different charitable organization to raise money for good causes and to give back a little.  The event has grown each year and this one is shaping up to be huge.  Official event announcements and details will be posted in the next week or so on all of our social media pages and website. 

RMB: Anything we haven’t thought of that you want to talk about? Now is the time!

Dave:  We appreciate all the help and support from our fans and all of the kick ass local bands that work together here in NC!

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