Hook release new music video for “Best Days” which explores an entire mood with such ease. 

Hook – Best Days

Hook’s latest single “Best Days” now has an accompanying music video. Shot and edited by the band. It includes slow shots of Dublin through a disorientating filter. The view is from the eyes of someone wandering the city at night; confused, lost, lonely. Hook embraces the best of 90s indie rock and pop on the laid-back “Best Days”. There is a sense of contentment that ties everything together. Guitar work draws from Galaxie 500’s mellowed approach, for they employ a bit of playfulness to it, with their jangle further giving the song a softer edge. Virtually playing off each other, elements of shoegaze also emerge though these appear to be more in the service of this surreal exploration. Right in the very center of it are those vocals which have a sense of searching to them for they unfurl so slowly. His storytelling is rather engaging as the sense of place, of geography, and of how he feels is almost voyeuristic in tone. 

The rhythm starts off immediately and it is absolutely perfect. Anybody missing the 90s will be quite pleased with the way they captured it so perfectly. While it plays allusions to the slacker generation the movie Slackers, all of it comes to the forefront o the thing. Within the sound itself there is a degree of looseness, from the ramshackle yet steady hit of the drums to the guitars that weave themselves together into a tapestry. His voice truly leads the way for his is a song about truly living in the moment. For a period of time where everything feels uncertain and aspirational, it is a bit of a joy to hear a band that is trying to figure this moment out. 

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