Ex Transit Vocalist Releases New Track With Help Of Adam Lazzara of Taking Back Sunday

Salem, Massachusetts based shoegaze project narrowcast. is the new collaboration between vocalist Joseph Boynton (Transit) and instrumentalist Matthew Morin (Aviator). Their debut single, “the ones who fell through”, is co-produced and recorded by Adam Lazzara of Taking Back Sunday  and showcases all the band’s elements fused into one song. The track blends the balance of layered atmospheric guitars with a calming voice and lyrics that are emotionally influenced by what is unknown, all being encompassed by a genuine emotional message delivered by Boynton. 

The song came about as a true act of remote collaboration.  “This Single was written with artist from Massachusetts, North Carolina, and Colorado. We started with just an acoustic/vocals and built from there,” explains Morin. “I walked around with headphones and edited most of it from my phone,” adds Boynton, I wanted to challenge myself by writing a complete song in 20 minutes.”

narrowcast. began as a series of demos in 2016 by Boynton who, after being the lead singer of Transit, had been involved in a number of musical endeavors that had all ended. Embarking on a new sound that would focus on the elements of shoegaze and dream rock with a nostalgic impact, he showed the demos to Morin, who’s band Aviator would often play with Transit. Together with a group of talented musicians and producers, including Kayla Morin, Rob Verosko, Aviv Marotz, Joseph Campbell, Zach Weeks, Gage Owens, & Jon Markson, Boynton and Morin are ready to show the world the gorgeous, layered dream pop of narrowcast.

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