Ohio Indie Emo Outfit Paco Is Desperate Shines On ‘Margaret’

Paco Is Desperate! is emerging as one of the best young talents from the Toledo, Ohio’s rising Emo/Indie music scene. The outfit’s new single, ‘Margaret’ is a gorgeously layered, earnest ballad about the abuse that can come within relationships. “The concept of Margaret is that she is this personification, this sort of spiritual manifestation of the evil within a narcissistic lover,” explains vocalist and songwriter Ashlee Ryan Nunley, “She kind of represents this darkness or cloud that follows you even after you get out of an emotionally abusive relationship.” 

The song, Paco Is Desperate’s strongest outing to date, was originally written not long after the band’s first record, Unraveled, was released in 2019. The band was including it in their set lists live before the pandemic and it was a clear fan favorite. “We always got a great response to the song, which encouraged us to record it as a single.”

‘Margaret’ was recorded and produced by Michael Jones of Bike Rack Records in Toledo. Paco is Desperate! is hopeful it will show how much the band has grown and how bright the future is for them.  “Of everything we’ve recorded so far, I’m most proud of this song because it’s representative of how far we’ve come as a band, and the songwriting I think is really strong.” Nunley says,  “I think there’s something about it that will really resonate with people.”

Along with the single, the band has released a lyric video, which has amassed over 8,000 views in less than a week on Facebook. Watch it below.

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