Artist Spotlight: My Latest Failure

My Latest Failure are a three piece Punk Band from Middlesex, London (UK) who Combine sub-genres of Punk & Metal to produce hard hitting verses with catchy “sing-along” choruses…a sound the band has coined “Hardcore Injected Punk”.

The band was formed in August 2017 by Chris Underhill & Andy Hale, Chris & Andy were previously in a hardcore band together called Under Dead Stars. Jamie Boyle joined as Drummer in September 2018 to complete the line up. They ended the year with the recording of Failures, Vol.1 which was released on 11th January 2019.

We caught up with My Latest Failure to talk about their new single ‘Selfish”.

REFRAIN: Tell us about the new single.

Jamie – Which one?

Chris – Selfish

Jamie – Oh right, it’s about someone who is particularly selfish

Chris – Pretty much

Jamie – Pretty much, won’t name an individual person. But it was someone who’s pretty selfish about a few matters, that’s all really.

Chris – I loved how you said that.

REFRAIN: If you could play a concert with one artist, who would it be?

Jamie – Myself

Chris – Just yourself? What? just a drummer?

Jamie – Just me, just a concert drum solo. Because that’s the way it should be in life. Like, there’s no need for bass players. They’re like, they’re basically redundant. Can’t it be a band? Mine would be Papa Roach. Cause live, I think they’re awesome, the drums are just brilliant and it’s like the same every time. Like they’re just spot on everytime, I don’t think I’ve ever heard of them when they’re bad.

Chris – Limp Bizkit as well, man.

Andy – Yeah, Papa Roach or Skindred.

Jamie – Oh god, I love them. I love it. It’s heavy and then a bit of reggae.

Chris – That’s sick, that’s sick. That’s a good choice man, good choice.

REFRAIN: What is the craziest story you have so far from being a band? 

Andy – Chris jumping off the stage and just-

Jamie – Jumping off that stage and breaking his guitar, yeah. Or like jumping on the drumkit in the same gig and knocking all the toms over. Great gig for everyone else.

Chris – Yeah, to be fair, I didn’t really know what was going on. I do regret smashing my guitar though, a hundred percent. You know what tops it all? Right, It was the fact that for our first gig we wore hoodies and hats.

Jamie – Oh! Yeah I wore a beanie and a hoodie and all that, didn’t I? Fuckin’ hell.

Chris – Five seconds into the set, we all regretted that!

Jamie – It was like I was having a shower. The sweat was going through the beanie down my hair and into my eyes, it was horrible.

Chris – Refuse to take it off though, standard.

Jamie – Yeah I know, once you start, you can’t look like an idiot.

REFRAIN: What’s something people don’t know about you or something you like to do when not making music?

Jamie – Do you want me to answer honestly? I like w*nking.

Chris – (laughs) I had a feeling you were gonna say something like that. Either that or going to the pub.

Jamie – No, the pubs have been closed, there’s been a lot of W*nking since lockdown. Something that people don’t know about me is that… I like w*nking, they know now! You like injecting yourself, Andy. He likes injecting himself because it’s a medical necessity. We don’t want people thinking he’s a crackhead.

Chris – See mine sounds boring now. I was gonna say something like doing a spot of gardening while listening to classical music.Like watching the sunset go down.

Jamie – Thought you liked watching me w*nk?

Chris – (laughs)I didn’t want to admit it in an interview but… too late now.

REFRAIN:What’s coming up next for you?

Jamie – Well, what’s coming up for us next is that collaboration.

Chris – Oh yeah, we are actually. We’re collaborating with our pals We Punch Tigers, Essex punk band. Should be hopefully doing a split. That’s alright.

Jamie – And some more gigging. I’ll tell ya that’s what’s coming up next for us and hopefully recording at the end of year. Or early next year. It all depends on how this stuff is, I don’t know. It’s hard to say really innit.

Chris – That’s it. Yeah, looking to record an EP for next year, some really exciting stuff hundred percent.

Jamie – Yeah so collaborating, gigging and recording.

Chris – Well, that’s it, having some fun.

Catch up with My Latest Failure at the following links:
Facebook – Bandcamp – YouTube –

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