The Refrain Interview: Bogwrought

Bogwrought is a 5-piece band with their studio between the swamps and cranberry bogs of Middleborough, Massachusetts. All of the members have different musical backgrounds and influences. The band is comprised of Tim Cunningham on drums, Cyrenus Paquin on bass, Zak Welch on lead guitar, Matthew Benoit on rhythm guitar, and Carrie Brum (formerly Rocco LaVita) as the lead vocalist. Bogwrought has released their newest … Continue reading The Refrain Interview: Bogwrought

The Refrain Interview: Dearly Departed

Fargo rock band Dearly Departed has announced its new album, Heartless, to be released in October of this year. The band has previously released the singles “Hindsight” and “Quiet Echoes” as part of the album rollout. We had a chance to chat with Deven Jason of Dearly Departed about their release as part of our Refrain Interview Series. Refrain Music Blog: Thanks for taking the time to do this interview. You have … Continue reading The Refrain Interview: Dearly Departed