Refrain Spotify Takeover: College Radio

Every now and then, we like to know what music drives the artists we love here at Refrain.Musi.Blog. With that in mind, we’ve asked Project Vela to take over our Spotify Playlist and curate it with their favorite tunes. First, let’s start off with a little about College Radio. Seattle’s premier pop-punk act blends classic 90’s punk with modern pop and indie sensibilities to create something … Continue reading Refrain Spotify Takeover: College Radio

Aliza Hava Releases ‘Emotion Tide’

Award-winning singer-songwriter Aliza Hava leads us on a deeply personal journey on her soulful new single “Emotion Tide,” which delves into the pain and subsequent healing that takes place when we allow ourselves to fully feel and express the heartache of a broken relationship. With intricate, genre-blended instrumentation, the track weaves the warm sultriness of Spanish guitars with the lush sensibilities of electric and acoustic … Continue reading Aliza Hava Releases ‘Emotion Tide’

Robbi Niles Drops Breezy “Venezuela”

Barbados-born talent Robbi Niles drops bouncy production “Venezuela,” with a summery reggaeton soundscape led by his floaty vocal delivery. Brimming with the vibrance of love, the R&B-tinged track unveils the story of how Robbi hopes to win the heart of the girl he is chasing, Venezuela. With an innate ability to captivate his audiences with a smooth combination of catchy melodies and a smooth vocal … Continue reading Robbi Niles Drops Breezy “Venezuela”

Don Amirio Impresses With ‘Hooked On’

Rising musician Don Amirio has just dropped his latest single, “Hooked On”. The melancholic track is layered with lo-fi drums and a gritty but chill soundscape that leans into an R&B/hip-hop style exploration of genre. All of this acts as a perfect bed for Amirio’s personal, quiet vocal delivery. Speaking of the track, he says, “The lyrics were inspired by my current relationship… We were … Continue reading Don Amirio Impresses With ‘Hooked On’

hunter 505 Bucks Gender Stereotypes With “paint my nails”

Emerging Sydney neo-hip hop/pop musician hunter 505 has just dropped his newest single “paint my nails. The track is a smooth, atmospheric song, led by his soft vocals and an anthemic soundscape built on heavy bass, sharp beats, and quiet guitars Lyrically, “paint my nails” pushes back against gender stereotypes and toxic masculinity. “I was thinking deeply about the story of love for us younger … Continue reading hunter 505 Bucks Gender Stereotypes With “paint my nails”

Italian Indie band share incandescent new single and video ‘willpower

Eclectic four piece Italian band Eugenia Post Meridiem have returned with their first triumphant single and video ‘willpower’, taken from their upcoming sophomore album like i need tension.  Setting the tone for what is to be an incandescent, kaleidoscopic journey the band embark on their new cosmic, musical odyssey as piece by piece they begin to share like i need tension. Dreamy, hypnotic, other worldly … Continue reading Italian Indie band share incandescent new single and video ‘willpower

Blair West shares stunning sophomore single ‘Rabbit Holes’

Introducing the wondrous world of New York based, singer songwriter and multi instrumentalist Blair West and her sophomore single ‘rabbit holes’. Following on from Blairs delightful debut released earlier this year ‘All This To Say’ has garnered an impressive 50, 000 streams and counting.   Now ready to reveal the next slice of her artistry, she gifts listeners with the soft, gentle and utterly enchanting ‘rabbit … Continue reading Blair West shares stunning sophomore single ‘Rabbit Holes’

Gilska Drops “Up Till 5”

Sri Lankan-born Londen singer Gilska weaves a moody and mysterious vibe led by layers of electronic instrumentation and her husky vocal quality on her brand new melancholic house track “Up Till 5” With catchy, dance-worthy rhythms, the production is minimal yet effective having begun as a simple arrangement of verses and chorus written on the piano. With subtle synths framing the textured vocals, the track … Continue reading Gilska Drops “Up Till 5”

KIZE BAE Releases “1000 Cranes” In Conjunction with MAKE A WISH

Austin-based, Korean-American talent Kize Bae has released “1000 Paper Cranes,” an uplifting and inspirational ode to the bravery of young children battling terminal cancer. Brimming with hope, love, and joy, a slow-burn beat blends seamlessly into Kize’s soaring vocals in a luscious indie-pop soundscape, tinged with anthemic hip-hop feels.  Drawing inspiration from a Make A Wish Foundation documentary video and fascinated by the concept of … Continue reading KIZE BAE Releases “1000 Cranes” In Conjunction with MAKE A WISH

Pop Artist Belle Vex Releases Uplifting “Us”

Rising talent Belle Vex drops uplifting pop number “Us,” driven by acoustic guitars and his airy vocal lines touched by hazy beats to round it off. With an empowering message that encourages us to be our own biggest cheerleader in good times and bad, the track has been six years in the making.  A gentle yet catchy number that comes straight from Belle’s heart and … Continue reading Pop Artist Belle Vex Releases Uplifting “Us”

Lucy Dye Releases Dreamy”Crystal Eyes x Diamond Minds”

Singer-songwriter, producer and performer Lucy Dye has released her euphoric yet melancholic avant pop single “Crystal Eyes x Diamond Minds”. Musically, the track is rooted in dreamy synths, hazy beats and Dye’s husky vocals. With a powerful voice founded on vulnerability, the track weaves an atmospheric tale of the beauty of the restless club culture she discovered on countless encounters through the nightlight of various cities … Continue reading Lucy Dye Releases Dreamy”Crystal Eyes x Diamond Minds”

Sasha Chaa Releases “ABRACADABRA”

Bilingual North African musician Sasha Chaa has just dropped the upbeat and empowering track “ABRACADABRA,” led by her playful yet sultry vocal lines and an intricately layered composition built on Amapiano (African drums), pianos, and strings, with sleek R&B undertones peeking through.  The summery feel-good production comes with a message about not being taken for granted, as her sweet voice flits between English and French … Continue reading Sasha Chaa Releases “ABRACADABRA”